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The family law attorneys of Barr & Barr advise divorcing or separated spouses, unmarried parents and people who need legal advice about modifying or enforcing commitments from a divorce case years ago. For a free consultation about our approach to client service in divorce and family law matters, contact our office in Decatur.

Clients of the firm benefit from our lawyers’ commitment to accessibility and direct client communication through every stage of a legal problem. You don’t need to be concerned that the counsel you’re getting is the advice of a paralegal or assistant. Our attorneys help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities, work through your own objectives and priorities, and look out for your long-term interests as well as the demands of the immediate problem.

In divorce cases, our approach can reduce the anxiety and confusion that many people experience. We give our clients the chance to make sound decisions for themselves, and then we execute the negotiation or litigation strategies that can maximize the chance of a positive outcome.

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Our divorce practice covers all of the issues that need to be resolved when a marriage dissolves: property division, child custody and visitation, spousal maintenance or alimony, and child support. When changed circumstances after divorce mean that primary physical custody or the amount of child support payments need to be revisited, we can also advise you about the steps for modifying the original arrangements. Additionally, we can provide prompt and dependable client service in child support enforcement proceedings.

At Barr & Barr, our family law practice is not limited to divorce. We also work with unmarried parents who need advice about paternity, child support and shared custody plans. Our experience with bankruptcy, estate planning, probate, real estate and mortgage foreclosure defense can also help resolve pressures or coordinate family law responses with other legal problems that can lead to stresses on your marriage.

Find out more about the family law practice at Barr & Barr. For the advice of an experienced Decatur divorce attorney or child support enforcement lawyer, contact us for a free consultation.

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